t r a n s f o r m a t i o n

For any team to reach its full potential, we must clarify what matters, determine what specific actions will move us toward those values, and design a system of incentives that align our culture with our business strategy.

clarify your


We help you bring clarity to that which matters more than anything else in your specific organization.

define youR


We identify observable, measurable behaviors that form the new DNA of your culture.

measure your


We design and implement measurement systems to track and shape the change in your team.


Your company culture is simply the behavior you reward and ENGINE was built to empower every member of your organization to reward the behaviors that are most important to your organization — and the most critical to your success.

Using the online ENGINE platform, every person in your team becomes a vector for establishing the ideal culture for your business, through social reinforcement — making ENGINE is the most powerful tool in Valchemy's arsenal for transforming organizational culture.

ENGINE enables organizations to design strategic incentives to build and steer culture, to promote employee productivity and feedback, and to measure psychological safety, collaboration, morale, and cultural engagement.


VALCHEMY offers a range of consulting services:

  • Diagnosis of Strategic Organizational & Cultural Needs

  • Culture & Collaboration Training

  • Psychological Safety Training & Measurement

  • Conflict Resolution Training

  • Leadership and Organizational Development

  • Challenging Behavior & Individual Performance Management

  • Incentive Design

  • Purpose-Focused Business & Market Strategy

  • Strategy, Campaign, Project, and Task Prioritization, Tracking, and Execution

  • Morale, Engagement, & Culture-Fit Assessment

  • Behavioral Interview Design